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  • May 10, 2023

Say Goodbye to Script Revision Suffering: An Easy Solution for Transferring Notes

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Say Goodbye to Script Revision Suffering: An Easy Solution for Transferring Notes

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Copying lines by hand was a form of punishment for misbehaving students in middle school. Similarly, for many film production professionals, manually copying notes from one script revision to the next can seem like a punishment. As script revisions fly into inboxes faster and faster, many crew members have no choice but to stop marking up their script, despite it being an essential part of their production process. To put an end to this collective suffering, we are delighted to release one of our most-requested features: script note transfer. Now, when a script revision comes in, users can simply and quickly open the new script and import their previous notes.

Effortlessly Import Annotations into the Latest Script Version

Just like all other features in ProductionPro, importing annotations is incredibly simple. There’s no need for users to manually download the latest script version from an email and re-upload it into the app. Instead, the new script version is securely uploaded by the Production Office for all and clearly marked as the “Current Script” in ProductionPro’s neatly organized binder. In just a few clicks, users can select the old script and the desired note categories to import, and voila! Within seconds, the user’s notes are imported into the latest script version.

Making digital scripts powerful at last

Users love accessing, reading, and annotating their script in ProductionPro, and the ability to share notes with others has introduced a new way to collaborate efficiently. We know all too well how the transition from paper scripts to digital scripts has been a frustrating dance: one step forward and two steps back. The promise of speed and ease of using digital scripts hasn’t quite lived up to the crew’s expectations. In fact, for the many who prefer scribbling notes on their paper script, it has been a curse. First, they had to find a new way to annotate their script; then, the inability to insert and replace pages into a collated script meant that users either had to painstakingly re-annotate the new revision or give up their previous notes. With note transfer, that’s no longer the case! It adds to the list of reasons why users already love accessing, reading, and annotating their script in ProductionPro:

  • The combination of an iPad app and a web app makes scripts accessible from anywhere, on any device (not just Apple devices).
  • Text search makes it easy to find a character or prop in a script, even on a watermarked script (watermarks in ProductionPro leave the text searchable and highlightable).
  • Note layers allow script notes to be neatly organized and to be hidden or shown with the switch of a button.
  • Sharing notes with collaborators is incredibly easy and secure.

The ProductionPro difference

Transferring annotations between script revisions has been a common request for script-reader tools, but it hasn’t always been easy to achieve. Many solutions come with caveats or limitations. With ProductionPro, there’s no fine print:

  • ProductionPro is approved by Studio Content Security – you can trust that your access to the script is secure, and you never have to use the app in secret.
  • With ProductionPro, you never have to work with flattened PDFs again. Watermarked scripts in ProductionPro are not flattened PDFs, thanks to the on-the-fly watermarking feature.
  • ProductionPro’s cloud allows access to the most recent script in real time, from any device – not just Apple devices.
  • The inclusion of colored pages makes it easy to track and navigate revisions.
  • Script pages are connected to an always accurate script breakdown, together with the corresponding media references from multiple departments. 
  • With ProductionPro, crew members no longer have to manually download and upload script revisions, eliminating concerns around studio content security.
  • Scripts are securely stored in a cloud that’s been vetted and approved by the Studio, not on users’ personal cloud or online storage.
  • There’s no additional cost for the users, it’s included in the production’s plan for everyone.

The proof is in the pudding

Collaboration has never been more streamlined than with the ability to easily share notes with other crew members. And now our new script note transfer feature empowers users to annotate their script even more, while saving time and reducing headaches at each revision. But don’t just take our word for it – give it a try and let us know what you think. Your feedback guides our product roadmap as we continue to enhance the script experience over the coming months. From small changes to big features, we’re only getting started!