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Your ever-changing 
script versions have a new home

Eliminate the ongoing search for the latest production script and schedule versions by enabling your film crew to find and work with their documents in one streamlined production binder.


Guarantee your crew is always working with the latest script

Universal Document Library

Send your team real-time script updates and keep everyone working with the current versions.

Create and Transfer Notes

Grant everyone the ability to access the script tools they need. Create and automatically transfer notes between versions of the script.

Assemble and Share Notes

Share script notes in one place. Assemble and choose notes to share with specific team members.

Support your crew with one easy-to-use platform

Give your crew our powerful document library and the annotation tools they love in one studio-approved platform.


Over 50k Production Pros

Quickly locate and keep up with the latest changes

Reduce the search for the latest versions of documents with one universal production binder for the whole crew.

Easily locate the latest script and schedule

Now all organization can be handled by Production. Use customizable binder sections to tailor views for your production’s unique needs.

Quickly reference old versions

Since old ideas often come back, you don’t have to worry about locating past versions of the script or schedule. Use our archive of all previous document versions to pinpoint what you need.

Create & transfer notes from version to version


Instantly find every instance of specific scenes, sets, characters and lines with intuitive script and document search.


Crew members can markup their scripts by creating typed and drawn notes that are only viewable by them.


Easily collaborate with others on the team. Share specific script notes with some or many people.


Keep your notes when the script changes. Automatically transfer notes between old and new versions.

Access and work with your production documents from anywhere, securely

Sync your documents and notes securely between all your devices. Easily pull up information on your phone, tablet and computer.

Work seamlessly with your existing document distribution system

Automatically add documents from your distribution emails to the Production Binder using ProductionPro's binder bot.

A studio approved platform that’s built for scripts

Studio level standards

Ensure your team is working with all materials within a secure environment. The Production Binder automatically watermarks and encrypts every document.

Flattened PDF? No problem

No longer worry about flattened PDFs ruining your ability to highlight, search or transfer notes. Our watermarks don’t interfere with any script functionality.

No more unapproved script apps

Stop secretly using unapproved script apps. ProductionPro is approved by content security at Hollywood’s biggest studios and gives you the script functionality you need.

Give your crew one easy-to-use production binder

ProductionPro is an entertainment technology company focused on improving creative collaboration in Film, TV, and Theatre production.