About Us - ProductionPro

    Our Team

    Alexander Libby

    Founder, CEO

    Everything’s better when it’s a Show.

    Florian Bouju


    Trying to plan and predict the future but live in the moment.

    Serene Lim

    Community Manager

    Social change maker in the red shoes and a husky by her side.

    Bella Sotomayor

    Customer Success Associate

    Just trying to earn her star and become a Crystal Gem.

    Alana Libonati

    Lead Software Engineer

    The coder, the baker, the vegan marshmallow maker.

    James Phillips

    Software Engineer

    James had a great blurb for this before the character limit was reduced.

    Corinne Taylor

    Software Engineer

    Alex Huleatt

    Junior Software Engineer

    glow1: Trimming armor for free!

    Javier Ameijeiras

    Creative Director

    Just add confetti.

    Future Rock Star

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    Boris Debic

    Advisory Board Member

    I code and I research, I –do not– architect, often I design.

    Robert Boyett

    Advisory Board Member

    Emmy & Tony Award Winning Producer

    Stephen Daldry

    Advisory Board Member

    I’m a theatre director that potters off and does a couple of movies

    Dave Millman

    Engineering Advisor

    Coltrane’s drummer, Elvin, gave me a hug. He was sweaty, it was awesome.

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