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    Make this the year your cast comes in rehearsal ready.

    Lines. Blocking. Music. Choreography.

    Meet the Digital Rehearsal Notebook

    ProductionPro’s innovative platform pulls together scripts, notes, music, and choreography videos so your cast has everything they need to be rehearsal ready.

    Digital Scripts and Scores

    Access a digital version of your script and piano vocal score from any device. Instantly share with cast and crew.


    Choreography Videos and Rehearsal Tracks

    Record step-by-step choreography videos and audio tracks for your cast to review anywhere.

    Upload Rehearsal Videos and Tracks.

    One Price for the
    Whole Cast & Crew

    School or
    Community Show




    Rehearsal Materials in One Place

    Update your cast in real time with the latest rehearsal materials in a shared notebook so they have everything they need to be rehearsal ready.


    Instantly share the digital script with your entire cast and crew


    Access the score and import documents in one place


    Write notes directly on the script and share them with your team


    Upload choreography videos so everyone can rehearse anywhere

    Interact with the Director's Dashboard

    Automatically sort sets, costumes, and choreography with an interactive visual breakdown of your script.*

    *iPad required to view Director’s Dashboard

    Use ProductionPro on Any Device

    Use the WebApp to view your script, add new documents, and upload your media. Download the ProductionPro iPad app to access the Director’s Dashboard.




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