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Engage the cast & crew of your theatre production

Theatre Directors wear a lot of hats (if not all of them). That’s why we’ve built ProductionPro: to help you keep your cast and crew up-to-date and excited to play their part in your production from day one!

ProductionPro Theatre Features

Digital scripts and scores, plus so much more

Access digital scripts & piano vocal scores

Gain immediate access to your digital scripts and piano vocal scores for you and your cast & crew.

Create and share notes from your script

Quickly share blocking notes, technical feedback, and design ideas with your team by annotating your digital script.

Link rehearsal media to scenes & characters

Upload choreography videos and rehearsal tracks, linking them to scenes and characters for easy accessibility.

Support your rehearsal with one easy-to-use platform

Enable your cast and crew to stay up-to-date and prepared for rehearsal every day.

Easily share rehearsal materials in one place

ProductionPro’s innovative and online sharing platform enables you to direct everyone to a single-source that contains your on-going rehearsal information.

Production Binder

Send notes directly to your cast's scripts

Integrate your notes into the script and distribute them to your cast in real-time across all devices.

Create notes for your cast

Create notes within the script. Choose which notes your cast sees and which ones you want to keep private.

Share with your cast

Instantly share your notes with the cast and allow them to view those notes on their scripts, alongside their own private annotations.

Update everyone at the same time

Ensure everyone is working with the same version by sending real-time updates that only you can edit.

Script Breakdown

Interact with a pre-built character/ scene breakdown

Seamlessly filter through scenes and characters, then click them to access the connected script pages and relevant media collections. Simplify your workflow and elevate your productions with our Breakdown View.

Media hub

Empower your company with connected rehearsal references

Upload your own design images, music rehearsal recordings, and choreography videos, giving the cast and crew quick access to connected rehearsal materials linked to the appropriate characters and scenes. Streamline updates and ensure seamless accessibility for a smoother rehearsal process.


Access your production information from any device

ProductionPro is a versatile platform that can be seamlessly accessed on all devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets.


Over 50k Production Pros


How this production of Hairspray used ProductionPro to prepare for every rehearsal

When Barbara Ingram School for the Arts set out to produce Hairspray, the monumental task seemed daunting. However, they found a solution in ProductionPro, which brought all of their rehearsal information into one place. Effortlessly integrated into their process, ProductionPro facilitated organization and seamless communication. With this powerful tool, they easily accessed the necessary resources and stayed on the same page as a team.  

Support your rehearsal with one easy-to-use platform

ProductionPro is an entertainment technology company focused on improving creative collaboration in Film, TV, and Theatre production.