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  • May 11, 2020

How to Share Your Script in Seconds

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How to Share Your Script in Seconds

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Rehearsal is both an exciting and stressful process; your cast and crew will be busy prepping for the show and getting everything ready for Opening Night. But before anyone can do anything, you’ll need to share the script.

Don’t worry, though! We have three tips on how you can use ProductionPro to make sure your entire team is ready by Day 1 of rehearsals.

1. Use the Team Manager tool

Communication is currency on a production, and the sooner you share the script with your team, the better. Our Team Manager tool lets you add your cast and crew in seconds, just by simply entering their email addresses and setting which permissions you’d like them to have (such as the ability to upload files or not). Once you’ve added your team, they’ll get an email inviting them to access ProductionPro. They’ll then be able to instantly view the digital script and score for your show.

2. Upload information to the Binder

Along with the digital script and score, ProductionPro gives you one place to easily distribute all materials relevant to rehearsal. Using your show’s Binder, you can upload important rehearsal information for your entire team to view. Rehearsal schedules, production calendars, cast and crew contact information, and any other important documents can be made accessible in seconds, so everyone stays up-to-date on new changes throughout the rehearsal process.

3. Upload music and choreography to the Library

Just as you uploaded important rehearsal information to your show’s Binder, you can upload music and choreography videos to your show’s Library. When you record your own choreography videos during rehearsal and upload them to ProductionPro, your cast will be able to review what they learned and practice it at home before the next rehearsal!

Bonus: The digital script and score can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. This includes all laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and phones. No more lost or forgotten scripts ever again!

Have you heard about ProductionPro? Check out digital scripts and scores for your show plus a suite of tools to help you have a successful rehearsal process.