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  • May 31, 2022

Script Search Made Easy

Script Search Made Easy

Script Search Made Easy 480 270 ProductionPro

Searching through a 300-page script – or a full season of scripts – can’t be too fun. What’s worse is having to trudge out to that swamp scout, in the rain, with said paper script. With ProductionPro, you’ve always got the latest script on hand, whether on your phone, computer, or iPad. So you can quickly pull up those swamp scenes the director is talking about.

Now who’s the superhero on this swamp scout? You – yes, you in the pink bib overalls and yellow rain boots – are that superhero. 🦸

1. Jump straight to scenes or references in question.

Who loves scouring the script, looking for the scene with Scott’s “Back to the Future” line? No one. What’s that? Oh, excuse me. That’s no one, except you.

Because with ProductionPro’s script search feature, you can search for lines, characters, scene descriptions – anything written in the script – and jump straight to those mentions in five seconds flat. And yes, you can do that across all ten episodes. 😎

2. Make notes on your phone, pull them up on your computer later.

Still knee deep in swamp water and have a great idea for the scene? Grab your phone and type those notes right onto the script. With your annotations stored safely in the cloud, you’ll be able to review those notes when you’re back on dry land, and in front of your 34-inch monitor.

A supercharged pro-tip? Open your bookmarks and annotations summary to go straight to those notes, so you don’t have to flip through the script looking for them. Well, not unless you want to. 🤷‍♀️

3. New script? No problem.

En route and see a new script come in? It’s all good.
Just import your script notes into this new version to check for any immediate important changes. You got this. 😉

4. Organize and share your script notes with different people.

Of course, there are those who weren’t privy to that rain-soaked excursion, and are now awaiting your show-and-tell. The thing is…you have different notes for different groups of people, and you’d really like for them to read those together with the script.

Those notes you typed onto the script earlier? You can organize your notes for each group with new annotation layers – all within the same script – and share them accordingly. This way, everyone will be able to see your specific notes for them, right next to the scenes that matter. 👍

The Media Library: See storyboards, pre-vis etc. based on their Sets and Scenes, and when those are shooting.
The ProductionPro iPad App: See a visual breakdown of your show and view references in script context.

Add and Tag Approved Files: Save time on responding to repeated requests for the same information.