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  • September 7, 2018

7 Must-Have Items in Your Rehearsal Bag

7 Must-Have Items in Your Rehearsal Bag

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It’s back to school and time for rehearsals. Are you ready?

Now marks the beginning when you and your team put in countless hours to make sure the show is in top shape by opening night. Here are 7 must-have items to get you started on the right foot:

1. Water Bottle

It’s absolutely vital to keep a water bottle with you at all times. Not only does drinking water help prevent headaches and keep you from passing out, it can also improve your brain power and increase your energy levels. So stay hydrated while you rehearse!

2. Breath Strips / Body Spray

Rehearsal is very physical and people get very sweaty after running lines and practicing choreography for several hours. Breath strips and body spray will keep you smelling and feeling fresh – for yours and your cast members’ sakes.

3. Snacks

Having snacks in your bag will be essential for when you need some fuel. Keep light snacks like granola bars and trail mix on hand, and candy like Sour Patch Kids to “induce moisture” (as Broadway’s Billy Porter puts it) – great for long hours of vocal work.

4. Jacket

Keep a jacket and some extra layers to throw on when it gets cold in the room. Staying warm will also prevent any injuries, as the cold can cause your muscles to tighten and cramp.

5. Jazz Shoes / Character Shoes

Always, always, ALWAYS keep these in your rehearsal bag. You’ll want to practice moving and dancing around in these shoes as much as possible.

6. Wipes / Towel

Sweat dripping in your eyes is annoying, but sweaty skin can be dangerous if your dance partner needs to lift you in the air but doesn’t have a good grip on you. Avoid any stumbles and potential injuries by keeping wipes or a towel in your bag at all times.

7. Script and Score

This one is obvious but super important. Never go into rehearsal without your script and score, and if you want a digital version of these, check out ProductionPro for the iPad! You’ll be able to keep both (as well as any other reference material) in one place. No more forgetting your books in your locker or lugging around heavy binders.

To see how other students and teachers use ProductionPro, read about our visit to Barbara Ingram School for the Arts here.

And that’s it! You’re prepped and ready for rehearsals. You’ll find that what you need varies from show to show and person to person. Swap out items as needed, and you’ll become a rehearsal bag pro in no time.

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