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  • September 20, 2018

5 Tips to Get Off-Book by First Rehearsal

5 Tips to Get Off-Book by First Rehearsal

5 Tips to Get Off-Book by First Rehearsal 150 150 ProductionPro

You nailed your audition and you got the part. Now it’s time to get those lines down and get off-book in time for your first rehearsal, so you can focus on learning choreography, taking the director’s notes, and developing your character. Here are 5 tips to help you get off book and show-ready with ProductionPro.

1. Black out your lines.
In the past, you probably used a note card to cover up our lines in a paper script as you practiced them. With your digital script, you can use the marker tool to black them out. And don’t worry about permanent markings! You can easily remove the black if you need help or black out more lines as you get more confident.

2. Break long monologues into sections.
Sometimes a wall of text can be daunting, especially when you have to memorize every word. If your character has a long monologue in the show, you can use the marker tool to break it down in sections. Black out most of the monologue and practice a few lines at a time. Then as you progress, you can uncover it piece by piece until there’s no more black out on the page.

3. Jump to your scenes with the Visual Scroll.
Stop spending your precious time flipping through an entire script just to find your lines. Instead, use the Visual Scroll to find the scenes your character appears in and go directly to those script pages for quick reference. You can also bookmark them for easy access, for when you’re in rehearsal or you just want to run through your lines during your free time.

4. Get acquainted with your character.
When you’re in a show, you’re not just memorizing your lines; you’re bringing a character to life. As you run through your lines, pay attention to how and why your character is saying those things. You can use the Visual Scroll to look at their designs for each scene and make notes in your script to help you bring out the best performance possible.

5. Highlight, highlight, highlight.
Use an Apple Pencil, stylus, or even your finger to highlight your lines, lyrics, character name, cue lines, or your second character (if you’re in a double cast show). You can also use different colors for each thing you highlight. The rainbow is at your fingertips so use it to really make the script your own.

And that’s it! To see some of these tips in action, be sure to watch our video above. You’ll be off book in record time and show-ready for every rehearsal. Break a leg!

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