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  • July 29, 2019

How to Choose Your Next School Musical

How to Choose Your Next School Musical

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The curtain has drawn, the stage is empty, and the next season is just around the corner… but choosing your next musical from literally hundreds of titles can be a daunting task. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right show for your school.

1. Your budget
Depending on the resources available to you, your budget may or may not matter. Check if you have a cache of props, costumes, or set pieces to pull from before you go shopping. You and your production team can find ways to recreate or re-use items with little to no money so get creative! 

2. Your cast
You’ll want to make sure you choose a musical based on the talent that’s available to you. A couple questions to consider: How many students are you expecting to audition? What’s their age range? You wouldn’t want to license Into The Woods, a show with 18 roles, when you only end up with a cast of 8.

3. Your curriculum
Consider choosing a show that aligns with what the students are learning in school. Many productions cover topics from history (1776, Les Miserables), while others are based on books you can find on school reading lists (Oliver!, Little Women). Productions like these will engage your students both onstage and in the classroom!

4. Your students’ interests
Students might be more likely to audition for a show they know, and their excitement to be part of something they’re interested in will make for the best performance possible. Choose a classic show like Little Shop of Horrors, a jukebox musical like Mamma Mia, or something from Disney like Newsies.

5. Your audience
On that note, your audience’s interests are just as important, so be mindful of who might be there opening night. Will the audience mostly consist of families with young children or will they be older? Will opening night fall around the holidays and if so, would they care about seeing a holiday-related show or not?

It’s not easy choosing the right production for your next school musical, but these are some things you can consider to help narrow down your options. Break a leg!

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