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  • July 27, 2022

Connecting the dots between film departments

Image depicting how each individual on a film production follows their own path to find the materials they need

Connecting the dots between film departments

Connecting the dots between film departments 768 432 ProductionPro

“All roads lead to Rome” goes the saying… Well, at ProductionPro, we are fully aware that there are many ways to think about and access film department information. People from the Art Department tend to think in terms of sets; people from Costume, in terms of characters; and people from VFX, in terms of scene sequences, for example. As a result, people often struggle to find the materials they need: where’s the folder with that storyboard? Or was it a link? Who should I ask for it? Wait… is this the latest? Let's be honest though, with production schedules more frantic than ever, nobody’s got time for this!

To solve this challenge, we’re excited to bring you Media Collections - a new feature that makes it a snap to find what you need. Media Collections are curated subsets from your Media Library, focused on a specific breakdown element such as a scene, a character, or a department. Media Collections are auto-generated: if there’s a tag for it, there’s a Media Collection for it!

We built Media Collections to let you quickly navigate using the context of your materials and the very personal way you think about them: it connects the dots, if you will. No two people think alike, but in ProductionPro, everyone can find what they need, when they need it. Let’s say for example that you are viewing Art Department materials and open a set rendering for Scene 2: you can now click on Scene 2 to see any other materials associated with that scene - pre-vis, storyboards, props… you name it. What's more, when you’re looking at the Collection for a scene, we now also list the scene breakdown information and characters underneath and, you guessed it, they’re clickable too! You can then keep drilling down by clicking on one of the characters and so on.

“If I look at Scene 34, I can see everything that is related to Scene 34. When on a production that is not using ProductionPro, I’m having to go to three or four different locations to find that information.” - Drew Petrotta, Props Master

Media Collections make it easier for you to discover the latest references from other departments. Learn more about the other ways ProductionPro is helping film professionals save time.