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  • May 11, 2020

5 Tips to Learn Your Lines Faster with Productionpro

tips to learn lines faster

5 Tips to Learn Your Lines Faster with Productionpro

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Congratulations, you got the part! Now it’s time to buckle down and start learning your character’s lines. Here are five tips and tricks on how to use ProductionPro to help you learn your lines faster, so you can focus on your choreography, blocking, and music during rehearsal!

1. Highlight!

The best thing you can do with your script is highlight everything that’s crucial to your time on stage. When you access the digital script for your show on ProductionPro, you can use our handy annotations feature to highlight your lines, lyrics, and cues. To help distinguish which is which, you can also assign specific colors by changing the color settings of your highlighter. (This is especially helpful if you play more than one character in a show!)

2. Break it up.

Take your lines one step at a time. Adjust the settings of our pen tool so you’re able to cover your lines completely, and then practice them in sections as you go through each page. Once you feel ready, keep your lines covered while you recite them from memory. You’ll be able to move your markings around on the digital script to take a peek at the lines you covered, in case you need to take a peek at the next section..

3. Make notes.

As you run through your lines, start thinking about how you’re going to build your character for the stage. Analyze their interactions with the world around them and use our pen tool to make notes in the margins. You can adjust the color and size of your notes to help you maximize the blank areas of the script and dive deeper into developing your character.

4. Rehearse with a partner.

Having a partner to run lines with can make a huge difference as you practice, especially if you’re both in the show. Since the script is digital in ProductionPro, everyone on the team has immediate access to it on any device — including any phone or laptop. This makes it easier for you and your partner to open and practice your lines, whether you’re practicing together in-person or remotely (with the help of video chat of course)!

5. Practice, practice, practice!

You’ll want to practice your lines as often as you can, so set aside a specific time each day to run through your lines. You can also use pockets of time throughout the day to add in some extra practice! For example, if you wait for a bus in the morning or you have a break between classes, you can open ProductionPro on your phone (or another device, like your laptop) and easily access the digital script. No more carrying heavy binders everywhere you go!

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