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  • February 28, 2019

10 Ways Theatre Students Can Go Green

10 Ways Theatre Students Can Go Green

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A lot of work goes into putting on a production, but we shouldn’t ignore the many ways we can help the planet while doing so. Here are 10 tips on how you and your castmates can go green when the show must go on!

1. Get a reusable water bottle.
When you’re in rehearsal, you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Get a reusable water bottle to use at the water fountain and avoid buying multiple plastic ones – this saves money and minimizes waste! Try not to refill plastic bottles multiple times since those are not meant for repeated use and can quickly lead to bacterial growth inside them. (Ew!)

2. Use tupperware containers instead of plastic bags.
We all get snacky, especially after hours of rehearsing. When you pack your snacks for rehearsal or tech week, switch from sandwich bags to reusable containers. Pack loose snacks like fruit or nuts to cut out pre-packaged snacks like chips.

3. Recycle!
Sometimes we can’t avoid wasteful materials, no matter how hard we try. Recycle all your plastic, paper, bottles, and cans appropriately. You can also ask your director to set up recycling stations that are easily accessible during rehearsal and production.

4. Build sets and props with eco-friendly materials.
Get creative when building set pieces and props and ask your director if it’s possible to use recycled or repurposed materials. You can also try to use non-toxic brands for paints and glues! If you can’t, make sure all hazardous materials are disposed of properly.

5. Reuse props, sets, and costumes.
When your show closes, store props, costumes, and set pieces in a safe location for future productions. Reusing – and adapting – these items as often as you can will help reduce material waste. Plus, it’ll cut out the time needed to make new ones in the first place.

6. Use non-toxic makeup (and recycle the containers).
Try using non-toxic brands with natural ingredients that are both good for the planet and your skin. When you run out, make sure you recycle the empty containers properly; some brands even offer perks when you recycle in-store!  

7. Use eco-friendly hairspray.
Some aerosol hairsprays contain harmful ingredients that can be toxic for both the planet and your lungs. Advocate getting eco-friendly brands, which are both non-aerosol and non-toxic.

8. Do laundry with cold water.
Whether with your favorite rehearsal outfits or personal pieces used as costumes, you’ll need to wash what you wear during a production. Make sure you launder with cold water and eco-friendly detergents, and air dry whenever possible.

9. Turn off the lights!
You, your castmates, and the crew are all a team working hard to put on a show. Take the initiative and turn off the lights when everyone is done with a room. Saving electricity will burn less fossil fuels and in turn help reduce pollution.  

10. Rehearse going green!
You can practice going green during your show and at home, encouraging both family and friends to get in on the act. Working collaboratively is always better than working alone, so don’t be shy to get others involved in reducing waste!

There are so many ways to go green, even in theatre! You and your team will be able to put on the best show, all while reducing waste and helping the environment. Break a leg!

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