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A script breakdown that saves film departments time

Minimize miscommunications between departments with
 accurate script breakdowns and easy-to-find references 
from one connected dashboard.

The next generation of script breakdowns is now

Accurate Script Breakdowns

Ensure your team is always working with the most
 up-to-date information by providing them with script breakdowns that match the latest draft.

Connected scene references

Visually navigate through scenes, sets and characters.
 View all relevant assets across departments linked
 directly to each scene.

Customizable asset views

Tailor your view to your department's specific needs,
 making it easier to find and work with the content that 
matters most to you.

Support your crew with one easy-to-use platform

Enable your departments to connect and stay up-to-date in one studio-approved platform.


Over 50k Production Pros

Script Breakdown Features

Empower department workflows with live script breakdown information

Search and export accurate script breakdown information 
aligned with the latest draft.

Focus on what matters with intuitive filters

Effortlessly sift through scenes, characters, and sets using intuitive filters, allowing you to focus on the most relevant information for your department.

Auto-fill paper work with CSV export

Fuel your departmental workflows with CSV exports of the latest script breakdowns, to quickly update your team’s paperwork.

Connect to script pages and relevant media from one dashboard

Tap on breakdown elements to seamlessly access script pages 
and relevant media references, all from a single dashboard

Easily check a scene in the latest script

Instantly jump to the correct script pages for each scene, ensuring easy navigation between the breakdown and current script text.

Instantly view relevant media from each department

Access media collections associated with specific scenes, characters, or sets with just a few taps, providing quick access to the latest and most relevant files.

Media Hub Features

Unlock a cross-department reference library for your team

Organize, discover, and share assets in the Media Hub. Locate and contribute the latest references with ease, eliminating repetitive information requests across departments.

Bring the latest from each department into one place

Find what you need, when you need it. Access and
 filter key information 
by department, scene, character, and set in the Media Hub.

Explore references intuitively

Navigate and seamlessly explore pre-vis, concepts and designs intuitively connected to relevant
 script breakdown elements.

Meet our Concierge Service

Unmatched support
 for your production
 and crew

1-on-1 training for every department

Customized walk-throughs to match every skill level

Setup takes a maximum of 30 minutes

Help your departments save time with interactive script breakdowns

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