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Your Production

Breakdown Your Production

The Visual Scroll displays data within the context of the story.  Breakdown each act, scene or beat of the show into vertical slices.  Showing act, scene and page numbers, visual concepts, title, location, time of day and characters within each one.  This framework can be customized according to the users’ needs.

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Start with a Script or Start from Scratch

Easily create new Productions at any stage in your process.  Start with an existing script and we'll read it to create a Visual Scroll automatically or start from Scratch.

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Edit Your Production

Customize your Scroll to match the framework you need.  All your collaborators will see any updates instantly.

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Your Script

Flip For Your Script

Seamlessly access the script by flipping the orientation of the iPad, easily going back and forth between visuals to text without losing any context.

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Create Outlines of Your Productions

Automatically create and access an outline of any Production you make from scratch by flipping the orientation of the iPad.

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Your Ideas & Designs

Add Poster Media To Each Scene

Place ideas and designs directly into the structure of the story you are telling.

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Add Multiple Media Within A Single Scene

Add as many videos, sound files, and images as you want to each scene.

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All Your Productions

All Your Productions in One Place

ProductionPro is ideal for the freelance individuals who make up Show Business, providing both amateurs and professionals with a way to manage numerous productions in one place.

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Share a Production with Anyone

Share with others so they can view or collaborate on all the aspects of your Production.  Simply add their email, set permissions and ProductionPro will do all the rest.

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Collaborate In Real-Time

Immediately see any change a collaborator makes in real-time.  Ensuring that everyone is always looking at the current idea at any moment in the process.

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