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This tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the classic comedy shows us that love knows no limits.


Along with their hilarious “henchmen,” Princess Leonide and the handsome Agis become lost on the messy path to love. One of them loves the other. The other is planning to kill her but unknowingly falls in love with her when she claims to be an on-the-run bride. This, after Agis discovers that she is not a male student, as her original disguise suggested – a disguise that proved convincing enough for another woman to fall in with her. All of this fun, and we’ve not yet made it to intermission! The riotous romp only gains momentum, as multiple stories of swift infatuation come to a head for our cast of characters.


What’s included for Triumph of Love:

  • Digital Script (Libretto Vocal Book)
  • Digital Score (Piano Conductor Score)
  • Interactive Character-Scene Breakdown
  • Up to 5GB of storage
  • Ability to add up to 100 collaborators
$ 199

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