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    • January 15, 2021

    Introducing Annotation Layers and Sharing

    annotation layers and sharing

    Introducing Annotation Layers and Sharing

    Introducing Annotation Layers and Sharing 1024 512 ProductionPro

    Since we’ve partnered with Music Theatre International (MTI) and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) to bring ProductionPro into schools and community theatres, we’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of people during their productions. Their feedback has helped us build and optimize new features so entire teams can streamline their creative processes as they work together to put on a show.

    And we’re excited to announce that the digital script just got more powerful.

    When rehearsing for a show, there are two things you cannot live without: your script and your notes. They both need to be easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Our newest update makes note-taking, organization, and sharing effortless, so you and your entire team always have the current plan at hand on any device.

    Check out the Annotation Layers and Sharing by signing in to your ProductionPro account.

    Annotation Layers and Sharing Features Overview

    Share Notes With Cast & Crew

    Magically add notes to your cast and crew’s scripts and scores. Choose which notes you’d like to share with your team and which you’d like to keep for your eyes only. Share with the entire team–or just a few select collaborators–and keep everyone up-to-date by pushing updates when they are ready.

    Organize Notes With Layers

    Instantly transform the notes on your script using Annotation Layers. Keep different types of notes organized on the same script so you can flip between research, blocking and cues quickly. When you’re ready, you can share any layer with others on your team.

    Type Notes on Any Device

    One of the most requested tools for annotations, typed notes have arrived for your script! Optimize the way you take notes by using your phone or laptop keyboard to type notes, as well as search for keywords or phrases within the script.

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