Our Team

Alexander Libby

Founder, CEO

Everything’s better when it’s a Show.

Javier Ameijeiras

Creative Director

Just add confetti.

Florian Bouju

Manager of Finance & Business Strategy

Trying to plan and predict the future but live in the moment.

Serene Lim

Community Manager

Social change maker in the red shoes and a husky by her side.

Bella Sotomayor

Customer Success Associate

Bella’s just trying to earn her star and become a Crystal Gem.

James Phillips

Software Engineer

James had a great blurb for this before the character limit was reduced.

Alana Libonati

Software Engineer

The coder, the baker, the vegan marshmallow maker.

Corinne Taylor

Software Engineer

Alex Huleatt

Junior Software Engineer

glow1: Trimming armor for free!

Future Rock Star

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Boris Debic

Advisory Board Member

I code and I research, I –do not– architect, often I design.

Stephen Daldry

Advisory Board Member

I’m a theatre director that potters off and does a couple of movies

Robert Boyett

Advisory Board Member

Dave Millman

Engineering Advisor

Coltrane’s drummer, Elvin, gave me a hug. He was sweaty, it was awesome.

Diane Murphy

Business Development Advisor

Chirag Raman

Engineering Advisor

Chirag’d have attained equanimity, if not for people claiming Korra >= Aang.

Andy Roxby

Software Engineer

Andy is addicted to coding, RPGs, and Netflix.

Richard Mendes

Web Engineer

Dave Grohl once told me I need to get out more.

Tyler Mintz

Graphic Designer

Prof, Designer, Creator, Director & lover of most things cooked.

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