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MTI Partners With iPad App Behind Hamilton and Frozen to Make Licensed Productions a Success

“Young people are the storytellers of tomorrow. And starting today, we’re bringing ProductionPro into schools. Our company is partnering with…

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ProductionPro Among Disney Accelerator’s New Startup Class

Guess who’s joining the club? 🙂 ProductionPro is absolutely thrilled to announce our spot in this year’s Disney Accelerator! We…

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ProductionPro Featured on NBC News!

NBC News calls ProductionPro “The App Changing the Way Hollywood Makes Your Favorite Shows.” Have you ever watched a movie…

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Fail Better.

Hang around creative types long enough, and you’re destined for a few run-ins with the f-word. Failure, that is. In…

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Showpeople @ SXSW: Film Composers

Music employed at key moments can elicit specific emotions. In film, music is – in itself – an actor. Sometimes…

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What’s Your Big Idea?

At the heart of every invention – in music, in mechanics, in filmmaking – lies an idea. A big one.…

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The LAUNCH Incubator: Hacking the 10,000-Hour Rule

Every day, startups make quick decisions based on limited data.  Common wisdom holds that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of…

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Showpeople @ SXSW: Midnight Shorts

It’s sometimes easy to (armchair) judge those who create certain genres of entertainment. For those who create horror and its…

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